Ly and Edmond Differding were proposed for a joint nomination to the EFMC Honorary Fellowship. While this recognition is normally meant for single individuals, the committee felt that the contribution of Ly and Edmond Differding to EFMC, and to the advancement of medicinal chemistry in Europe, can hardly be separated.  Edmond Differding was EFMC secretary and vice-chair, contributing to the reorganization of the EFMC, and to the development of its new structure at a period that critically shaped the Federation. More recently, he was actively involved in the celebration of EFMC’s 50th anniversary, preparing two papers that review the scientific content of all EFMC-ISMC and the development of medicinal chemistry in Europe. Ly Differding plays a pivotal role in EFMC and in the organisation of the most important EFMC conferences. She actively participates in EFMC activities and not only guarantees operational support, but also provides constant advice and an historical perspective to the president, executive committee, and conference organizers. Her dedicated contributions to the success of EFMC and medicinal chemistry in Europe is unparalleled. Furthermore, Ly fully supported EFMC during the recent pandemic crisis, proactively looking for creative solutions and facilitating their implementation.